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China's wind power industry promising
Rich resources of wind power, development potential for the development of wind power industry provides a good foundation. China's vast coastline, rich wind energy resources are widely distributed. Information [1], the Chinese mainland and offshore wind energy resource technology development is about 1 billion kilowatts, mainly located in the southeast coast and nearby islands, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Gansu Hexi Corridor, and parts of North China and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, in addition, offshore wind energy resources are very abundant.

The rapid progress of the world's wind power industry for the development of wind power in China provides a good opportunity. Recognized as the world's wind power can mitigate climate change, improve Energy Security, promoting economic growth, low carbon industries program, has strategic importance to get national attention. February 15, 2009, amounted to 787 billion U.S. dollars of the "U.S. Recovery and Reinvestment Act" signed into law by U.S. President Barack Obama, including wind power and other new energy sources as the main field.

Recent years, the world's wind power installed capacity was rapid growth in the average annual increase of nearly 30%. According to the World Wind Energy Association, the world wind power installed capacity in 2008 added about 27.26 million kilowatts, about 29% growth rate, total to reach 121 million kilowatts, an increase of 42%. 2010, the world's total installed capacity of wind power will reach 190 million kilowatts, wind power in the global policy of support under the guidance of 2020, the world's total wind power installed capacity will reach 1.5 billion kilowatts.

International capital in China in recent years, attention has become the world of wind power investment. In 2007, global investment in wind power, 15% of the funds to invest in the Chinese market, the amount of up to 34 billion yuan, China really become the largest wind power market.

Domestic wind power technology to achieve business breakthroughs and high concentration of market structure is conducive to leading enterprises. As the current development of China's wind power industry, the key to machine-made wind turbine technology has made important initial results. Domestic wind power leading business Goldwind, Zhejiang arrived, Sinovel, Shanghai Electric , Dongfang Steam Turbine and other five enterprises have completed the key components of new product design and development of procurement, production or about to produce a prototype. This will help the development of domestic enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and can be certified MW Wind Generator To achieve commercial production, to meet the needs of the domestic wind power market.

With the release of domestic machine and spare parts production capacity increase, the industry chain will eliminate bottlenecks, speed up industrial development. Wind power equipment market is an oligopoly structure, to avoid disorderly competition in the market is conducive to leading enterprises bigger and stronger, in 2008, Sinovel, Goldwind and Dongfang Electric three leading enterprises in total market share of 57% year on year increase of 5 percentage points.

Domestic wind power enterprises to actively implement the strategic alliance, effectively overcome technical bottlenecks. Wind power companies around the technology innovation chain, the use of market mechanisms together industry, academia, research and other new resources, the formation of cluster advantages and overcome technical bottlenecks, help the overall development of the industry chain. May 16, 2009, by XJ Group, Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute, Tsinghua University and a number of Chan Xueyan units of the wind power industry in Henan Province Technology Innovation Strategy Union. The alliance will enhance the implementation of large-scale wind power equipment design and manufacturing level, will join the company formed in the three years from 30 billion to 50 billion yuan of industrial scale, driving on more than 100 billion yuan output value of the downstream industry. May 17, 2009, initiated by the 39 units in total, including 108 member units of the wind power industry in Jiangsu Province Technology Innovation Alliance was established to better play the wind power industry in Jiangsu Province has formed the cluster edge.

Domestic enterprises and foreign companies for technical Cooperation , Speed the development of industrial progress. Goldwind Germany Vensys 2.5 megawatt co-design and development of direct drive pitch variable speed wind turbine, will be completed in June this year, prototype production, testing and erection work workshop. Sinovel and co-design and development of the Austrian Windtec 3 MW doubly-fed variable speed constant frequency wind turbine, is the first Taiwan Strait on the production of large wind turbine.
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China Wind Power Industry Development Prospect - Wind Bearings, Wind Power Market, Wind Power

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China Wind Power Industry Development Prospect - Wind Bearings, Wind Power Market, Wind Power

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