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Many savvy consumers are installing a wind turbine in addition to a solar power system to help them reduce their power bills. Even though this electricity from wind power won't be as substantial as solar panels, it is available for more of the day and will not stop generating electricity when the sun sets.There are a wide variety of wind turbines that will help you generate electricity from wind at your home and most of them are small and very affordable.

These wind turbines can be used along with a solar power unit and can be installed by themselves as a stand-alone power solution to generate electricity from wind.Some units can be mounted on your roof that will create a reasonable amount of electricity for most of your house hold appliances.

In days gone past the wind turbines were large, noisy and expensive, this posed a problem to many homeowners since to generate electricity from wind turbines they needed a large tower that was most unsightly and would garner complaints from the neighbors. The modern wind units are more efficient and smaller than those earlier turbines and take full advantage of much smaller breezes to generate electricity from wind.

There are also many more models of wind turbines available today to choose from if you decide to make electricity from wind at home.The models that are vertical axis seem to be less efficient than the horizontal models most of the time, but they tend to do a better job of being able to turn more consistently. They can do all this because they do not have to turn themselves to the ever changing direction of the wind. They are always facing the wind and will even keep turning in the most windy of conditions and as result will generate electricity for longer portions of the day.

Today power companies use big versions of these wind turbines for creating electricity from wind power. Modern wind turbines are large in scale and have improved tremendously in recent years and today create he amounts of energy for power company's that is then consumed in homes and businesses.

Electricity from wind offers a very attractive power generation alternative. It has none of the negative impacts that are associated with either nuclear or coal powered generation plants and does not contribute to global warming or the ozone layer damage. The future for generating electricity from wind power looks bright along with renewable energy solutions. There are numerous improvements and innovations still to come with this wind turbine technology.

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Electricity From Wind

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This article was published on 2010/03/27