Power of Collapsible Flettner Rotor

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The way wind gets converted into energy is really an amazing process. The wind turbines have made this amazing process possible. This revolving device works closely to the principle of a ceiling fan. It transforms the kinetic energy of the wind in mechanical energy. And windmill is the machine which utilizes this energy for various purposes. The wind generator on the other hand transforms mechanical energy successfully into electricity. The wind generator is also known as converter of wind energy or the wind power unit.
In the present scenario, the science of transforming wind energy has reached a new level. Today, wind energy is successfully used in the operations of catamarans and large ships. Moreover, several machines are been made keeping in mind the principles of wind energy. The foldable flettner rotor or the collapsible flettner rotor is the perfect example of one such device we are talking about. The wind energy plays a crucial role in the function of this device.
The fact that the collapsible flettner rotor can be collapsed or folded is its greatest strength. This is one quality that becomes very handy when large ships try to navigate their way to safety. Moreover, it also becomes useful during the loading process which is very common in case of a merchant vessel. The technical team in a ship, which consists of experienced ship engineers and scientists, are constantly working to improve the technology behind the working principle of flettner rotor. On the other hand, the researchers are constantly trying to develop and upgrade the design of the device. Work is also in progress for improving its capacity and application.
The rotor sails are specially designed and created for utilizing the principles of the Magnus Effect. The Magnus Effect is based on the law of propulsion or the thrust. The foldable flettner rotor, usually placed beneath the rotor sails, uses the Magnus Effect theory to move the ship forward. This collapsible flettner rotor is a small device, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to moving a fast sailing boat like a catamaran. In fact, it can even move big ships with ease. The regular sails are not that effective compared to the rotor sails. However, the Magnus Effect and the functions of the flettner rotor is by no means a simple one; it requires the intervention of a professional hand at all cost.
Surprisingly, devices using wind energy are not very expensive. Moreover, they do not cost much during installation. However, the biggest advantage of wind energy is that it is environment friendly. It is unlimited, and can prove as a great alternative to the fossil fuels. It does not produce waste materials and does not emit CO2. Therefore, just imagine how effective it would prove, if it is used in cars and other vehicles. It would keep the environment clean, and mankind would be blessed with fresh and pure air.
So, promote wind energy for making our planet green and healthy!

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Power of Collapsible Flettner Rotor

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This article was published on 2011/07/19