Wind Turbine Lightning Protection

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Wind turbine lightning protection is an important thing that must be considered when utilizing the power of wind turbines. Wind power is proving to be a very valuable resource in the search for renewable energy. When erecting a wind turbine, many things must be considered. These structures often sit very high in the air, sometimes making them one of the tallest structures in the surrounding area.

This is a great position for generating wind power, but not when it comes to lightning protection. Lightning generally takes the path of least resistance and will strike the highest points first. This puts wind turbines in serious danger. Constant repair of turbines can be very frustrating and expensive, and it can lead to insufficient power.

Lightning Protection for Wind Turbines
Lightning strikes are a serious concern for wind turbines. Brush and brush holders can meet the rigorous demands of lightning protection. A good brush grades perform well in high surges and are not prone to wear. Low resistivity ensures that electrical currents are directed away from crucial components.

Brushes are also used to provide a path to ground for lightning on Wind Turbine applications. Low resistant grades of material are used to create a sure path to ground for lightning applications.

Renewable Energy without Renewing the Turbine
Renewable energy is a great thing, as long as you can keep your wind turbine in good working order. More people are turning to this and other alternative energy sources to power homes, businesses and whole communities. They work very well in most situations and in others, make a great supplement to other power sources. The key is keeping wind turbines in proper working order. After all, constantly replacing turbine parts is going to begin to take away from the eco-friendly benefits of a clean resource.

Those who install lightning protection for wind turbines will notice a big difference in the expense and time required to keep their wind turbine operating at its fullest capacity. A little extra time and money now can keep your family or business going with adequate renewable power.
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Wind Turbine Lightning Protection

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This article was published on 2011/04/18